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Steve A.S.
Mariela is a natural and gifted teacher. Her expertise, patience and sense of humor makes training sessions a joy. Working with clients, she knows instinctively whether to push harder or to ease up, leaving her clients feeling confident, strong and healthy on all levels.
Nancy G.
Mariela and Pilates changed my life. After cervical surgery and chronic pain, I am now strong, flexible and generally pain free. Mariela’s training is safe, careful and geared to each individual’s specific needs. I am so happy I found her. Anyone who trains with Mariela will feel the results. An added plus, my body shape has changed. At 57 years old, I once again have a waist and toned abs!
Beth C.
I have been training with Mariela for a few years now and it’s been a pleasure both physically and personally. Whether I’m doing a one on one machine session or a group mat class, Mariela has always kept my workouts challenging and fun, which is why I have continued to train with her over the years. The simple act of keeping one’s body moving is so important and thanks to Mariela I’ve remained healthy & fit. So thank you Mariela!!!