Thank you kindly to all my clients for your testimonials and appreciation of my work.


Kathy K
Mariela Carter is an excellent Pilates instructor! Her classes have truly changed my body and improved my overall well being. I came to Mariela about 3 years ago after experiencing severe back pain due to a disc injury. I was unable to workout and had gained a lot of weight. Through her instruction, I learned to protect my back by focusing on and strengthening my core. Now my back no longer hurts, my core is stronger and leaner and the rest of my body is more toned and muscular as Mariela’s classes are never predictable or repetitive. Her classes are challenging, but customized to each individuals strengths, physical limitations and past progress. She focuses on form and safety while still creating a “workout” like experience. Mariela’s small group Mat classes and her individual instruction classes are both excellent! I can’t imagine where I would be without them!
Mary L.
At 55 yrs of age I finally decided to listen to my husband. He constantly urged me to practice stretching so that I would be able to move freely and walk like a young person and not an old lady. I resisted because I was so inflexible that I thought it was hopeless. I knew that all the ballet dancers and gymnastic people used Pilates all the time. But I knew nothing about this practice. So I decided to go to the gym and start private lessons with Mariela Carter. She is a physical therapist with 30 years of experience and has studied Pilates extensively. I immediately trusted her to know how to start me because of her educational background. I am a veterinarian myself. Pilates not only helps you develop flexibility but also core strength. Core strength is critical to all sports of any kind. I started out slowly with Mariela guiding me. My goal was to at least be able to touch my toes! Within 4 months I accomplished that goal. I continued on and realized that suddenly I could turn my head side to side with full range of motion. I could go mountain bike riding and not lose my balance on moderate technical single track. Suddenly I could feel the individual vertebrae move in my back! That had never happened before. My friends also started complimenting me on how muscular and physically fit I had gotten and asked me what I did to achieve that. I also got my old long stride back for hiking. I didn’t realized before this how shortened it had become. Also all my old back pains from sleeping had disappeared too. I also have normal bone density, which is very important to me. I continually make progress at increasing my flexibility and my core strength. I can immediately tell how different I feel if I don’t do some stretching exercises that Mariela has given me at home. There is no boredom here. There are over a thousand different exercises to do and many levels. Just when I think I have conquered one level, she brings in a new challenging set for me. I will never cease to be amazed at her own flexibility and strength. It is a constant motivation for me. The mat classes are wonderful too. It is a mat, magical ring, stretch bands and small balls. I thought it would be so easy. I was so wrong. It is a complete work out that I can duplicate at home and works all parts of the body in one hour. It is really fun to do and time passes so quickly. Working with other people is very motivating and fun as well. I encourage people of all ages to practice Pilates. You will have core strength, balance and flexibility that affect your every day living. I believe it should be practiced in school as well as at the gym for adults. It has made me feel years younger and walk like someone half my age. I will always be indebted to Mariela for her hard work. She is gifted and devoted with a passion for what she does. She is an excellent teacher.
I love Pilates! I love Mariela! I have been training with Mariela for 3 years and am amazed with all the positive changes in my life that Pilates has afforded me. My body is stronger than it has ever been, and I am in my early fifties. Not only do I look better, I feel better. No more little aches and pains, and the mechanics of daily life are so much easier. The groceries are no longer heavy, being on a ladder is no longer a balancing act, and simply leaning over or turning my head doesn’t pull any muscles. I know I am getting the best possible training and care as Mariela is also a physical therapist. I am in the hands of a wonderful, knowledgeable professional, and I am now completely addicted. I truly can’t imagine ever stopping Pilates. I will be training with Mariela for years and years to come.
Mark M.
I have been a student under Mariela for a little over 2 1/2 years now. She’s an absolutely wonderful teacher and individual. She has taught me many exercises in both the mat and individual settings. Her knowledge and skilled direction has helped me to recover from previous injuries while also helping me to prevent new ones. Through Pilates Mariela has taught me to complement my five days a week weight training. I am very thankful for all that Mariela has taught me and recommend her highly to everyone. Besides being a total professional she is a most caring and loving person. From my standpoint I plan to be a student of Mariela’s for as long as I am in the Woodland Hills area.
Nancy G.
Mariela and Pilates changed my life. After cervical surgery and chronic pain, I am now strong, flexible and generally pain free. Mariela’s training is safe, careful and geared to each individual’s specific needs. I am so happy I found her. Anyone who trains with Mariela will feel the results. An added plus, my body shape has changed. At 57 years old, I once again have a waist and toned abs!
Lois F.
Mariela has been my mat Pilates instructor since September, 2006. Prior to September, 2006, I had never taken a mat Pilates class. As a new student to this type of exercise, I find Mariela to be extremely patient with her new students, helpful in explaining and showing us the proper way to do an exercise and her sense of humor makes us feel relaxed and comfortable. She is attentive to our needs and will adjust an exercise to accommodate a sore neck, shoulder and most recently a pregnant student. Although I continue to struggle with my weight, I believe that Pilates has helped to tone my body. Mariela is not only an exceptional teacher but she is extremely likeable and I enjoy and look forward to my weekly Pilates class with her. Mariela is an asset not only to her employer, but to her students.
Shereen L.
Four years ago, I started Pilates private training with Mariela Carter. Prior to that, I took private lessons from another individual for five years. I thought I was physically strong from Pilates until I took training with Mariela. Over the past four years, she has improved my Pilates from beginning to advance and has significantly improved my core strength. What is so unique about her training is that she explains how our muscles work and how they are interrelated to each other–that our body muscles work together in unison and intertwine in movement. By using my core strength, teaching me how to breath properly and use strong balance, Mariela has helped me to improve all of my workouts including jogging, endurance training, weight training, boxing, step aerobics and of course, Pilates.
Gloria L.
Extraordinary teacher! Personalized program! Holistic approach (body, mind, spirit)! Results guaranteed! I was referred to Mariela by my personal trainer who felt I could benefit from her training for flexibility and strength. I started with her in my late 40s and have been with her for over 3 years. I am in better shape (stronger and more flexible) than in my 20s! I enjoy both individual sessions and mat classes with Mariela and consider this an investment in my long-term health. I recommend anyone to have just one trial session with Mariela to get convinced!
Jill L.
Before Pilates, I was in a rut. My daily workouts didn’t really seem to work any more and I was bored and unsatisfied with my overall level of fitness. I couldn’t bend down to tie my shoes, I had overly large calf muscles, and was embarrassed to wear shorts. Now, after two years with Mariela, not only can I bend over to tie my shoes (without even bending my knees), I now have the shapely legs I never thought possible, and look great in a skirt. Pilates has given me back the core strength I didn’t realize I had lost, and changed the shape of my figure at the same time. I’m proud of myself for what I have accomplished, and thankful for what Mariela has helped me to believe I could do before I could do it! Thank you Mariela!
Howard P.
I just wanted to take a moment to recommend Mariela Carter and the Pilates method she teaches. I was skeptical when I first began my instruction with Mariela. Having had chronic back pain most of my adult life (a result of years of competitive power lifting as an adolescent) , I had tried everything including surgery to ease my discomfort. I began my instruction almost 3 years ago and I am happy to say – it has made a HUGE difference in my quality of life. Besides reducing my pain to almost nil, my core strength has increased tremendously. My stretching ability has increased as well. Mariela understands the human form – especially it’s structure, so she knows how far to push each individual client. She does not push her clients to the “pain area” – if there is any discomfort, a new exercise is chosen. This leads to a tremendous bond, which she has with all of her clients. I trust her. She knows exactly what exercises to do with me. She includes my in the decision making process as well. If I prefer a certain exercise, she makes sure that we do it. . She has a very gentle demeanor and knows each of her clients very well. I can’t recommend her enough. If you have chronic pain – any type, please let Mariela work with you. I’m grateful that I found her!
Beth C.
I have been training with Mariela for a few years now and it’s been a pleasure both physically and personally. Whether I’m doing a one on one machine session or a group mat class, Mariela has always kept my workouts challenging and fun, which is why I have continued to train with her over the years. The simple act of keeping one’s body moving is so important and thanks to Mariela I’ve remained healthy & fit. So thank you Mariela!!!
Jeff E.
I’ve been a client of Mariela’s since I moved to LA, almost three years ago. I was skeptical about Pilates, until I started working with her. Mariela put me at ease, helping me to understand the value of Pilates, and how it can improve my flexibility, strength, and alignment. Pilates is now part of my overall fitness routine. The thing that sets Mariela apart from other Pilates teachers is the way she customizes each session to your own personal needs. Each class starts with an initial assessment of the state of your body. From that assessment, Mariela leads you though targeted routines that stretch and strengthen you. She’s a master at taking the classic principles of Pilates, and developing her own exercises=20 and routines that help you to relieve your aches and pains. You can apply these techniques in your daily life. You’ll find yourself amazed at Mariela’s understanding of the body and the power of healing. Pilates is an excellent way to release the stresses of daily life. It’s a special treat that I give myself, and I’ve seen long-term results. The real gift, however, is having Mariela leading you toward reaching your goals.
Laurie W.
I have been working with Mariela doing Pilates for approximately two and a half years both one-on-one and in a mat class. My flexibility was poor and my posture was just okay. I have scoliosis and work stress tends to settle in my lower back. Today I can touch my toes easily and I rarely have pain in my lower back. I received a wonderful compliment just the other day from a fellow class participant that my posture is like a ballet dancer. I look forward to my two classes with Mariela every week. She is warm, friendly and patient and with her physical therapy background you know she has you best interests at heart and you are in good hands.
Steve A.S.
Mariela is a natural and gifted teacher. Her expertise, patience and sense of humor makes training sessions a joy. Working with clients, she knows instinctively whether to push harder or to ease up, leaving her clients feeling confident, strong and healthy on all levels.
Janice W.
Within a few Pilates sessions, Mariela Carter began to reshape my body away from middle-aging and stiffening. She brought me back to the mobility and flexibility of a younger feeling body! She is a patient teacher who creates results and gently coaches her students to exceed their limits. You will feel the results of her knowledge after one session! She is a knowledgeable and effective teacher, and she is walking evidence of her talent because she is in perfect shape.
Julie K.
I’ve been practicing Pilates with Mariela for over 2 years. I came to her in bad shape with 2 bulging discs in my back and when she was done with me I was able to carry a very large baby to full term without ANY low back pain. Mariela has helped me to live a pain-free and surgery-free life. She is a wonderful instructor and really knows what she is doing. I cannot speak highly enough of her as a person or as a trainer. And I can’t thank her enough for giving me back my life.
Bryna H.
I have been going to see Mariela for pilates for the past 2 years now and I absolutely love it. She is such a great instructor. She is very personable, friendly, sweet, kindhearted and all around a great person. I knew nothing about pilates before going to her and now I make sure to go once a week and look forward to the workouts. I recently had twins and went through my pregnancy with Mariela, she adjusted my workouts to suit my changing body. I am now back in shape and raring to go. If you want an excellent pilates instructor then see Mariela.
Thanks to Mariela, I have my old body back. My husband thinks I look better than I did before I had children! Most importantly, I feel confident and energetic.
Mariela’s Pilates sessions have been wonderful. I started doing these for general health benefits, and I was also hoping to alleviate my lower back pain. Thanks to Mariela, I have noticed a big difference. I have learned that my back pain is not just due to ageing, but also to other factors such as muscle weakness and uneven weight distribution. Through working on core strengthening, posture, balance and proper exercise techniques, I have noticed a dramatic improvement. I particularly appreciate the logical and practical explanations that Mariela provides, so that I can understand not just what to do, but why I am doing it. I feel 10 years younger!!!
Mary S.
I LOVE MARIELA! I came to Mariela two years ago, with a strong medical background. She worked with me through post-ACL replacement knee surgery and frozen shoulder. In her calm, knowledgeable, and patient way, Mariela teaches me the importance of daily stretching. “A tight muscle is a weak muscle.” She teaches me to listen to my body. She teaches me how to control my joints and stance. Several times throughout each day, I hear Mariela’s voice whispering in my ear, “Relax your shoulders, relax your neck.” My clothes fit better since my muscles are leaner and longer. I cannot thank Mariela enough!