• VIP Single Private – 55 min session
  • VIP Thirty Minute Private Session – 30 min session
  • VIP Semi-private Session – 55 min session ( find a person to share a session )
  • VIP High Intensity Mat Pilates with Props – 50 min class
  • VIP Mat Classes – 55 min class
  • VIP Stretching classes– 40 min class
  • VIP Mat Bootcamp – 50 min class


VIP PRIVATE AND SEMI-PRIVATE SESSIONS : 55 minutes one-on-one or two people sessions( max 3 people ) under the supervision and guidance of the instructor, feel challenged and motivated during this tailored sessions created just to fit your needs. Attending a single private session ( assessment session ) is required to everyone before starting a private or semi private package.

VIP MAT BOOTCAMP : immerse into these four weeks, 50 minutes class, three times a week and experience a whole new mind-body overall transformation! All levels are welcome.

VIP MAT PILATES CLASS : a definitely 55 minute hybrid class in which the classical Pilates repertoire fuses with innovative modifications created by Mariela to challenge and transform your body! All levels are welcome.

VIP STRETCHING CLASS : take a break of your intense hours of work in front of the computer and feel the benefits of stretching  daily in a calm atmosphere! Stretch, unwind and relax in this 40 minute class as you are guided to ensure that every stretch is properly done. All levels are welcome.

VIP HIGH INTENSITY MAT/PROPS CLASS : supercharge and transform your body  during this intense and effective 50 minute class and feel immediate results! Ideal workout to finish your day energized and revitalized! All levels are welcome.

At VIP we use state of the art Pilates equipment, The Allegro 2 Reformer. This is the most advanced apparatus in the market and it provides an infinite amount of exercise possibilities that will make each class different and fun.

We also work with The Combo Chair, which has the latest updates in terms of spring setting and safety. As well as the Ladder barrel, Small barrel, Spine Corrector and Pilates props that will enhance your Pilates experience.

All classes are limited to only six people, allowing the instructor to provide the necessary guidance to each client individually.

Coming Soon : VIP mat bootcamp, VIP stretching, VIP high intensity mat/props class 

PLEASE refrain from wearing jewelry and as a consideration to others please don’t use perfume. Always bring your socks with you for sanitary reasons.